AR Contents

  • Production of tourism tour contents using AR Portal technology
  • AR photo zone with face filter AR technology
  • AR city tour service
  • AR Media Tourism Service linked with QR code
  • AR menu board service that shows three-dimensional images with augmented reality
  • Development of augmented reality content interactive with movie locations


  • Providing digital contents that can provide immersion, satisfaction, and information at once by building a special experience space for the ZEPETO-based Busan Movie Tour Map (Metaverse)
  • It is also possible to develop ticket sales by connecting with the outside of ZEPETO.
  • New non-face-to-face tourism contents can be developed using online in the non-face-to-face era due to the influx of ZEPETO users through experiences at the Movie Hall, the filming location, and Metaverse.

AR Portal

  • AR Portal, an online marketing tool that turns imagination into reality
  • Provides a realistic and lively experience as if you were directly visiting various spaces through AR Portal
  • Maximize marketing effects by utilizing augmented reality (AR), and experience a different level of field experience with immersive AR technology

Menu & Souvenir

  • Create next-generation souvenirs that enjoy interactive AR images with food menus or souvenir QR codes
  • When you take a picture of the menu board with your smartphone camera, the food appears in 3D form.